About Us

In today’s competitive world performances are an output of intellect, passion and temperament. One might have immense potential, but to perform under pressure within given timeframe is an ability to be honed and nurtured. 

The first step towards learning is to understand what is to be learnt. With the increasing occupancy of student’s timeshare of the student’s life, the ability to retain the content has gone down. Moreover, the complexity of the questions asked along with the format in which the questions are being asked have made it difficult for the students to succeed.

There is no denial to the fact that there is no substitute to hard-work, but leveraging smart-work enables to optimise in the competitive exams. Building a temperament towards such smartness sis not a matter of one or two months. These habits are to be inculcated at a very early age. It is where our ancient guru-shishya parampara had been iconic pedagogy. To be a popular teacher is easy and can be achieved with creative content and delivery style, but to be the correct teacher every aspect of training is to be mastered. 

We at UnivFos, intend to replicate the original learning philosophy and thus have introduced training modules that entice the engagement of students in academics, strengthened by repetitive assignments and periodic assessments.

Founded by industry veterans with a collective experience of over 10 deades in Human Resources, Technology Adoption/ Inventions / Learning and Development/ Campus & University connect ( India, US, UK, and Australia) & Corporate & Enterprise training. Contributing to the student learning needs and enriching their life’s with best in class training, empowering each of them to achieve their aspirations gives immense pleasure to the founders. Setting out to revolutionize learning by making it affordable and handle scale, their firm belief was to adopt technology to enable achieving their dreams of making sure every student is presented with an opportunity to experience learning through curriculum co-created with the industry leaders and delivered by state of art interactive virtual classroom sessions conducted by experts. Gamification of learning, Microlearning, Focus groups, and Leader boards are going to make learning an enjoyable experience.

Brilliant Learning Solutions is over 50 years run by 3 generations of academicians and visionary educationist. A forerunner in the private tutoring educational space with qualified teachers and teaching aids. Its been a household name making a difference in many student lives. The journey spanning over various innovations and doing many things for the first time, it is ready to launch the Brilliant Learning Solutions 2.0 version. Moving from the conventional classroom training and printed books, BLS is taking a complete makeover in adopting technology in replicating the same experience at every student home delivered by best in class teachers with the same passion and fervor.