Challenges faced by Students



In today’s world, where, the attention span for any student has come done to a level of not more than 5 minutes, it’s very inappropriate to expect them to focus for 3 hours in exam, without training them for the same. At one hand, it’s not possible to take away all distractions from their life, it is also not easy to monitor their involvement in different activities. Yet, as a ray of hope, we can introduce measures and adapt a methodology that inculcates fundamental thinking and enhances the performance level. Emulating the best practices of great scholars under the supervision of mentors is not that easy, but creating modules to supplement that is very much doable.

It is very important to give serious consideration to student’s voice. The best outcome would depend on behaviour of teachers as in what they do, their knowledge, understanding and beliefs. We intend to involve a range of techniques, including whole-class and structured group work, guided learning and individual activity. The focus will be on developing higher order thinking and meta-cognition, and make good use of dialogue and questioning.


Enhance Memory Retention

Whatever we study, often it’s difficult to retain and recall at the right time. This leads to poor performance in test and subsequently it leads to deviation towards the larger goal.


Mind-Mapping of Lessons Taught

We are therefore introducing Mind Mapping Activity every fortnight, to be administered at our center in the supervision of subject experts. The same can be emulated holistically by the students, while they continue to study at home.

Individualized Set of Milestone Exams

It is very difficult for anyone to be motivated towards a single goal for a very long period, especially, in the absence of intermediate achievements. In order to ensure that your child doesn’t fall in the trap of procrastination, we would like to equip him/her with sufficient academic inputs for relevant milestone exams. In order to gauge the readiness of your child towards various milestone exams, we would conduct a diagnostic exam after a month of phase 1, and based on the performance in test we would recommend your child few milestone exams to prepare for. The number of these exams might be two, one or zero depending on the performance and projected performance. Adequate classroom inputs shall be provided for these exams and these would be in addition to what had been planned for his/her larger goal. For a detailed list of all such exams click here

Exams that are relevant and add value to your Goal

These days there are many exams which lure and compel students to invest time and energy into it. However, not all of them are relevant and/or add any value to the main goal of the student. It is therefore, extremely important for all the aspiring students to be very selective in preparing for such milestone exams. It would also be wise not to restrict to exams of local or national domain, these days the international competitions are easily accessible online as well as off-line.