Rapid Revision

Class X

Consolidate your preparation with the TopMentors and ensure an optimum score in Mathematics. The Rapid Revision Classes will ensure that you get a correct and complete picture of the overall preparation and you are in a position to recall all the learning and apply the same in the question paper.

Courses offered in this program

Fees Structure

Fee HeadAmount
Admission Fees₹ 2000
Tuition Fees₹25200
Online Test Series Fees₹3400
Total Amount₹30600
With GST₹36000

Program Takeaway

  • Basic Student Plan
  • 180 hrs of academic inputs
  • 20 units of test
Terms & Conditions
  • Refunds requests, if any, shall be processed as per the Company’s refund policy. Please note the various heads of Fees in terms of their distinction as refundable and non-refundable.
  • The refund calculations shall be applicable on the Original Program Fee less the Scholarship awarded.
  • Any GST paid by the customer, as detailed on the invoice, is immediately deposited to the Government. Hence, GST paid will not be refunded under any circumstances.
  • Tuition fees are determined annually, and subject to revision. Univfos Upskill India Private Limited reserves the right to amend the tuition fees, at any time, without prior notice. Please take note of the applicable year for which any fee is indicated.

These fee details contain information about tuition fees, deliverables and refund policies of Univfos Upskill India Private Limited., applicable at the time of printing. Amendments to or updating of the information in this publication may be effected from time to time without prior notification.

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