Maths Olympiad- Indian Olympiad Qualifier in Mathematics (IOQM)


The training program will have the following –
  1. Classes: In all 32 theory classes of 2 hours’ duration each shall be conducted, followed by a problem solving and doubt clearance session. The objective of these classes would be to introduce the best of concepts of the Olympiad syllabus and make sure that your ward has a complete understanding of these topics.
  2. Study Material: Exclusive and exhaustive study material (e-books) shall be provided. The study material will have detailed theory explained with illustrations, followed by problem sets of RMO, INMO, and IMO level. Besides several mind-maps and worksheets shall also be provided.
  3. Problem Solving Strategies: Once the theory classes are completed, a 4-day capsule course on how to approach a problem with the best strategies and arrive at an elegant solution, shall be taken. These classes would ensure that students start solving the toughest questions on their own and gain confidence for the upcoming RMO and INMO exams.
  4. Mock Test Papers: 8 Pre-RMO Mock Test Papers (now IOQM) would be conducted in real simulating conditions and the result and analysis sessions shall be conducted after every test.
  5. DeliverablesDetails  
Mode of Teaching All Theory, as well as Doubts Clearance Classes, will be conducted  Online @ UnivFos Portal
Tests(Online) Fortnightly (Online Discussion of selected questions)
Content Online Videos + eBooks + Animations & Simulations    

What Will I Learn?

  • Thorough preparation of IOQM. develops mathematical thinking, helps build problem-solving acumen for IIT JEE

Topics for this course

32 Lessons64h


Basic Postulates
Lines and Angles
Rotation, Homothety and Dilation04:00:00


Number Theory


Functional Equations

Polynomials & Trigonometry

About the instructors

Mr. Ashish Khare, instils academic excellence in Students of various grades. An accomplished guru with an illustrious career, shaping dreams of numerous students and parents, spanning decades. He has held senior positions in various institutes and has been instrumental in their growth. Equipped with a degree in Science, he went on to do his Masters in Economics, with 21+yrs of Mentoring Experience for IIT JEE and Various Olympiads, he has mentored 1000s of JEE Qualifiers and admits to prestigious foreign Universities including MIT, Stanford, University California Berkeley, Caltech & University of Toronto, with over 100 top 100 rankers in JEE. A member of American Mathematical Society; Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics and Canadian Mathematical Society. Fond of Mathematics, had been running the LinkedIn Group Mathematicians.
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7 Courses

0 students

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4 Courses

66 students

24,000.00 inc. GST

Material Includes

  • Live Video Lectures
  • Recordings
  • 8 Mock IOQM Online Tests
  • e-Books (pdf copies)


  • Basic Geometry
  • Basic Algebra
  • Desire to crack the toughest problems
  • Perseverance

Target Audience

  • Aspirants of IOQM, INMO, IMO, SUMaC, PROMYS. Tournaments of Towns etc.
  • Students of Classes VIII, IX , X , XI and XII who are exceptinally stron in Mathematics