Rank Improvement Program IIT JEE Main Feb – 2021


For all those students who want to strengthen their preparation for the JEE Mains Feb 2021 attempt and ensure that they have run through all that had been taught and/or complete those topics that hadn’t been taught, this Rank Improvement Program is relevant.

Salient Points of the Course are:

  • Six hours of live classes every day including Sundays between from 9 am to 4 pm – 3 sessions of 2 hours each with a 45-minute lunch break.
  • There will be a thorough revision of the Main syllabus and important topics in all three subjects, Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
  • All students enrolled for the JEE Main will receive Brilliant’s famed YG File, 2021, Parts I and II, problems with solutions and a Compendium of important formulae, data etc.
  • Students enrolled for the JEE Advanced will receive Brilliant’s Master Stroke Package of problems and solutions.
  • Detailed timetables for each course will be sent in advance to all students enrolled for that course
  • All classes will be recorded; the recordings will be available for review the following day on our portal
  • Classes will be interactive – you can ask questions during the lecture itself
  • Online Doubt clearing sessions will be scheduled
  • Online Tests on the new pattern of the JEE Main will be conducted
  • All students will be eligible for the B.MAT – Brilliant’s Mock Admission Test Series – for the JEE conducted online
  • The Batch size is limited to 50 students; admission is on a first-come, first-served basis. You will be considered to have been enrolment only on submission of the enrolment form and payment of the full fee. There is no Instalment option; the fee has to be paid in full at the time of enrolment.
  • On admission, you will be sent an enrolment number with details of the dates you are enrolled for and giving you the detailed timetable
  • There will be no Parent Teacher Meetings.
  • This course will be conducted on the honour system – class attendance will not be taken and the online exams will not be monitored.
JEE Mains 2021
February Attempt
18th Jan 2021 to 20th February 2021

Topics for this course

97 Lessons240h


Forces & Translational equilibrium03:00:00
Equilibrium of Forces and Torque01:30:00
Electromagnetic Waves00:00:00
Alternating Current & Problem Discussion06:00:00
Magnetic Effect of Current00:00:00
Electromagnetic Induction00:00:00
Geometrical Optics06:00:00
Principle of Communication
Solid and Semiconductor Devices
Error Analysis in Experiments
Nuclear Physics
Modern Physics00:00:00
Wave Optics04:30:00
Sound Waves00:00:00
Calorimetry and Heat Transfer
Kinetic Theory of Gases and Thermodynamics00:00:00
Elasticity and Thermal Expansion
Fluid Mechanics00:00:00
String Waves00:00:00
Surface Tension and Viscosity
Current Electricity00:00:00
Simple Harmonic Motion00:00:00
Rotational Motion00:00:00
Center of Mass01:30:00
Vector and Calculus
Relative Motion00:00:00
Newton’s Laws of Motion and Friction00:00:00
Circular Motion
Work, Power and Energy00:00:00



About the instructors

Mr. Ashish Khare, instils academic excellence in Students of various grades. An accomplished guru with an illustrious career, shaping dreams of numerous students and parents, spanning decades. He has held senior positions in various institutes and has been instrumental in their growth. Equipped with a degree in Science, he went on to do his Masters in Economics, with 21+yrs of Mentoring Experience for IIT JEE and Various Olympiads, he has mentored 1000s of JEE Qualifiers and admits to prestigious foreign Universities including MIT, Stanford, University California Berkeley, Caltech & University of Toronto, with over 100 top 100 rankers in JEE. A member of American Mathematical Society; Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics and Canadian Mathematical Society. Fond of Mathematics, had been running the LinkedIn Group Mathematicians.
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Rajnish, a 100 percentile scorer in quantitative aptitude in CAT had been training students for IIT JEE and International Physics Olympiads. He shares an excellent rapport with his students due to teaching style and developing problem-solving acumen in students. For medical students, Physics without Mathematics is a nightmare and Rajnish has the guru-mantra to do away with that. Being a disciplined sportsman himself and athletic captain during his college days he has a high level of sportsmanship and ethical values. Combining sports with the concepts of the subject is his forte. know more B. Tech ISM Dhanbad 18 years’ experience in mentoring students for JEE and Olympiad Personally taught numerous JEE top rankers & National / International Olympiads qualifiers Core Faculty Member at Narayana Academy, Brilliant Tutorials and FIITJEE-Gurgaon Had been the mentor of several top rankers including Jitender Reddy AIR 1 - JEE 2010 V. Shaimak Reddy AIR 3 - JEE 2011
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Ashvini, a very simple and down-to-earth person, has a very personal connect with all his students and is known to extract from them beyond their capabilities. A very astute learner and a sharp eye for detail had been training students for IIT JEE top ranks and International Olympiads. He is among those few, who have complete command of all three parts of Chemistry i.e. Organic Chemistry,  Inorganic Chemistry, and Physical Chemistry. An IIT BHU alumnus has a great command over the subject and has a unique style of teaching. know more

  • B. Tech IIT BHU
  • 17 years’ experience in mentoring students for JEE and Olympiad
  • Personally taught numerous JEE top rankers & National / International Olympiads qualifier
  • Core Faculty Member at Narayana Academy & FIITJEE Ltd. 
  • Mentored over 50+ top 100 rankers in JEE Advanced
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26,000.00 inc. GST

Material Includes

  • Live Classroom Lectures
  • Recording of the Lectures
  • Online Chapter Tests
  • Online Full Tests
  • Discussion

Target Audience

  • JEE Mains 2021 Aspirants
  • JEE Advanced 2021 Aspirants
  • BITSAT 2021 Aspirants
  • studying in class XII
  • passed class XII