Rank Booster NEET 2021

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  • Duration 320h


For all those students who want to strengthen their preparation for the NEET 2021  and ensure that they have run through all that had been taught and/or complete those topics that hadn’t been taught, this Rank Booster Course is relevant.

Salient Points of the Course are as under:

  • Weekly Classes followed by a fortnightly test on NEET Pattern
  • Classes will be targeted to attempt NEET 2021
  • After 31st Dec Full-Length Papers (05) will be conducted
  • Classes will be 120 min duration and will be held Online
  • Classes will be recorded and made available after a week
  • Batch Size – 40
  • Interactive 2 ways. The child can raise a hand and ask questions
  • Regular Doubts Sessions between classes
  • No PTMs shall be conducted
  • No proctoring of classes and Tests will be done. The child is expected to be regular and honest. Parents may proctor.

Topics for this course

111 Lessons320h


Equilibrium of Forces and Torque01:30:00
Forces & Translational equilibrium03:00:00
Rotational Motion00:00:00
Vector and Calculus
Relative Motion00:00:00
Newton’s Laws of Motion and Friction01:30:00
Circular Motion
Work, Power and Energy00:00:00
Center of Mass00:00:00
Electromagnetic Waves
Magnetic Effect of Current00:00:00
Electromagnetic Induction00:00:00
Alternating Current06:00:00
Geometrical Optics06:00:00
Principle of Communication
Solid and Semiconductor Devices
Error Analysis in Experiments
Nuclear Physics
Modern Physics00:00:00
Wave Optics00:00:00
Sound Waves00:00:00
Calorimetry and Heat Transfer
Kinetic Theory of Gases and Thermodynamics00:00:00
Elasticity and Thermal Expansion
Fluid Mechanics00:00:00
String Waves00:00:00
Surface Tension and Viscosity
Current Electricity00:00:00
Simple Harmonic Motion00:00:00




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