1. Is UnivFos the same as Brilliant Tutorials?

Even though we are two separate companies, UnivFos is the operational partner for Brilliant and they are conducting the online classes with senior faculty from  Brilliant and other institutions.

2. Will there be only Online Courses or in long run, you will come with offline / hybrid courses also?

In longer run, when thing settle after COVID, the courses can be hybrid also

3. Are the teachers full time employees, are they stable?


4. Is the content the same as the original Brilliant content?

Yes, of course

5. What will happen to the course schedule if JEE / NEET is postponed?

The course will be extended, introducing doubt remedial classes and practice sessions, accordingly

6. What are the available programs?
7. What programs are like to come in near future?
8. How would you conduct the Online Classes?

UnivFos will schedule classes on its portal and you will get the link. You need to login to the portal and click this link and start attending the class. The classes will be with the face of a teacher in the inset, and the whiteboard as the full display, where the teacher will teach.

9. What is the batch Size?

For JEE and NEET courses 40

For all other courses 20

10. Are classes interactive? Can students ask questions?

YES, students will have to keep the headphone ready and working. If they speak without the headphone, their voice will echo. They can raise their hand (facility in portal) or directly ask a question, after getting permission from the teacher.

11. Are these recorded lectures?

The classes will be live but a recording will be made available within 24 hours of the class.  You can review and revise at any time

12. Will the recordings of lectures be available for lifetime?

No, it would remain their only until your respective competitive exam is over.

13. What equipment do I need to attend these classes?

One good PC or laptop or at least a good smartphone PLUS Internet Connection with decent speed

14. How much is the fees?
15. Is there any refund policy?

NO, not for short-term courses

16. Are there any scholarships available?

NO, not for short-term courses

17. Will any printed material be provided?

NO, not for short-term courses.  To receive printed study material, the student can enrol separately for the postal courses.