UnivFos Online Test Series

The papers will be made live as per the schedule given here, and once a paper is live can be taken at any time.
The scores and analysis will be shared immediately after the test.
You can take a Demo Test using your registration credentials.



Key Features of our Test Series

State-of-the-art methodology of testing and evaluation in competitive examination preparation in India

Brilliant Tutorials accredited Content

King of content for decades moulding 1 lakh + IITians.

Relevant and Realistic Analytics

Analytics and intelligence that inform everything from stats to critical time efficiency.

Unique Learning Tools

Integrated discussion forum & bookmarking feature to increases engagement inside the learning platform.

Updated Patterns | Syllabus

Explore latest examination patterns, and put efforts in the appropriate direction to pave your future.

Real Time Exam Templates

Univfos Exam Templates

With our tests, you can obtain the same feel as the final exam!
Exam templates help students to experience the exam environment before the final exams.
More they practice in the exam templates, students feel more comfortable and time management in the final exam becomes easy for them.

Multiple Exam Attempts

Univfos Exam Templates

We believe that practice makes a learner perfect.
Accordingly our TestPortal also allows students to retake an exam, within the stipulated the time the test is open. With this feature, students can attempt the exam for first time, review the incorrect questions and use the second attempt to correct their mistakes.

Resuming Exams

Univfos Exam Templates

Internet connection is lost while taking the test??? No worries!
Our TestPortal helps you to resume the test from where it was left unsaved.

Threats & Targets

Univfos Exam Templates

Wondering whether others are working more than you???
It might be too late if you suddenly come to know that your efforts (not performance) is way too less as compared to the peer group.
You earn Trophies as you complete taking your classes and attempt a test. The TestPortal therefore presents a relative overview of the Trophies earned by you as against your peer group, enabling you to gear up.

Bookmarks and Tags

Univfos Exam Templates

Have attempted thousands of questions in various papers and now worried about consolidating learnings from them?
The TestPortal enables you to bookmark any question from any paper and under any tagging/heading (create folder) of your choice. This helps you to “Organize your bookmarks” which most of the online bookmarking software tools miss.
Students can bookmark a single question / Blog Posts / notes / video / PDFs. They can also be viewed separately using the Filter option.
You can review these questions with solutions at a click.
You can create your own folders like, discuss with mentors | check later | review before next exam | maths | physics | trigonometry |etc.

Bookmark’s Operations:

Bookmarks can be moved from one folder to another folder by clicking the “Move” icon near the bookmarked questions.
Folders can also be renamed and accidentally created folders can be deleted from the dashboard.

Test Portal

Univfos Exam Templates

How many questions do you need to attempt to ensure maximum learning from it?
Wouldn’t it be better that you discuss the strategies, ideas, plan of action, etc., for the most vital questions, with your mentors, peers?
The TestPortal provides chat option in every question, wherein you can text messages, share scanned solutions, video links etc. to make the discussion thread rich and powerful.