UnivFos follows a three-pronged pedagogy that focuses on concept-application, long term retention, and developing a competitive edge besides normal lecture delivery. Our programs are scheduled professionally to allow adequate time for classroom lectures, guided problem-solving, student practice, making Mind-Maps, and simulated mock tests. Through proper engagement in Univfos learning stages, a learner can be assured of significant development in scoring capability.

The curricula and the Study Material at the Academy has been developed such that it covers all the aspects of the chapter without leaving any void in the student's preparation.

The Mentors have huddled to bring forth a mechanism for infusing smart work into both the teaching as well as the learning and consequently this facilitates the skills required to ace the competitions.

Resources like Univfos Mobile App, Library Cum Doubt-Cell, and regular motivational training ensure that student builds a winning attitude.

What you get

• 100% mentor attention

• Preparation for milestone exams

• Exhaustive coverage of concepts

• Best in class content

• Rigorous testing and after-test analysis

• Best audio-visual and textbook resources

• Motivational seminars (toppers & veterans)

• Skill development


What we don't offer

• Spoon feeding

• Direct solution tricks

• Sugar coated feedbacks

• Unnecessary praises and discounts